ZigBee part 1

What is ZigBee?

It is a wireless protocol used quite often in IoT for two main reasons:

  • It is low power consumption,
  • It is simpler and less expensive than Wifi or Bluetooth technologies.


Capturing ZigBee signal

To do this experimentation, I used:

Flash the RZUSBSTICK firmware

Because most of AVR tools are Windows only compatible, the next steps are performed on a Windows 10. Install libusb and avrdude. Before trying to flash the firmware, the proper driver have to be installed. To fo that, we have to use libusb but it produces unsigned Windows driver. So if you are on Windows 10, reboot maintaining shift key to deactivate the protection.

Once done, you can flash the firmware using: avrdude -P usb -c dragon_jtag -p usb1287 -B 10 -U flash:w:kb-rzusbstick-002.hex



Now, we can go back on Linux.


Prepare the environment and install KillerBee

To check the firmware intallation: sudo zbid

  • Dev Product String    Serial Number

To install the environment:



Some useful commands:

  • zbstumbler: use to detect any ZigBee protocol usage around,
  • zbdump: use to capture the network traffic

Let’s go for an example. Hereafter, we detect a ZigBee signal on the channel 15:


After capturing using zbdump -c 15 -w zigbee.pcap: